After years of helping children (those whose parents are deceased), SOS Children’s Villages International introduced a new approach to protect children at risk of losing parental care and to help more children without separating them from the parents or single parents. In 2007, the first Family Strengthening Programme was implemented in Goderich in Freetown. This was followed by the second FSP Mattru-on-the-rail/ New London Communities in Bo, southern region in 2010. In 2013, the third FSP commenced operation in Mabolleh in Makeni, northern region. 

The SOS FSP supported the child beneficiaries with food, education, clothing and health on a case by case basis. In building the capacity of caregivers, IGA loans were provided after a short training on basic business skills and adult literacy

SOS provided support to 2,579 child beneficiaries while building the capacities of 201 caregivers.  For the young adults in the programme, their capacity is built through vocational skills training in tailoring, hairdressing, gara-tie and dye

The FS Programmes were implemented through KIP referred to as CBO. The FS programme played key roles in building the capacity of the CBOs by training them in project proposal writing, basic administrative skills and provision of loans to set up their social business. However these programmes ended because of the Ebola Epidemic and Donors pulled out.


The SOS  Food Security Programme commenced operation in Sierra Leone in 2013.The overall objective is to improve food security in Sierra Leone by encouraging vulnerable farmers embark on backyard livestock for self-consumption and added increase of income. The Programme currently has 201 landless farmers and single women who are head of their household and 817 child beneficiaries are recorded.

The Programme builds the capacity of caregivers through training in livestock, aqua-culture, various preservative techniques and access to marketing channels. On completion of the trainings, the programme supports families to construct their backyard stable. To promote sustainability of the programme, families are supplied livestock from the community stable as a form of Income Generating Activity and they pay back livestock  to the community stable in collaboration with 3 Farmers Association.

The project has been successfully phased down in December to ‘The Three Farmers Association’ who are now attempting to replicate the project in their communities.


FBC is the core of SOS work, which focuses on the principles of SOS:

*The Mother

*Brothers and sisters



It has been in existence since 1949 when the 1st SOS Village was established in Austria (Imst). It was the beginning of the SOS idea. Over the years, SOS has evolved and four other principles have been added.

*Child development in a caring family environment.

*A strong social support network for the development and families.

*The best interest of the child forms the basis of all decisions and actions.

*Child participation in finding solutions to the challenges they face in their lives.

Under the policy of children’s Village programs the FBC provides for 640 families as of date and focuses on the child who has lost all parental care and for children who are at risk of losing parental care. SOS has a corresponding program for such children