Kindergartens- STeachers and Principal during Kindergarten Graduation - Children's Village Makeni

Kindergarten Principal Isha Sonkoh and Teachers during Kindergarten Graduation – Children’s Village Makeni

Graduant Gladys F Sesay sucessfully completing Kindergarten in 1st Position amongst her peers

Grandaunt Gladys Beatrice F Sesay emerging with First position from Kindergarten Makeni

Kindergartens- SOS Children's Village Makeni

Kindergartens- SOS Children’s Village Makeni reciting their numbering

Graduants SOS Children's Village Freetown

Grandaunts SOS Children’s Village Freetown reciting their poems

Graduants SOS Children's Village Freetown

Grandaunts SOS Children’s Village Freetown giving meaning to the acronym GRADUATION

On the 15th of July 2017, forty-eight (48) grandaunts and thier parents, with fellow pupils marched from Makeni clock tower to the round-about as a way of celebrating the graduation ceremony of their kindergartens. Samuel S. Kargbo (grandaunt) boldly gave the welcome address amidst the cheering crowd.

The chairperson Mr. Abubarkarr Kamara congratulated the grandaunts for their hard work. He said “graduation is a sign to show that you have completed a programme, based on the effort and good work of the teachers and that education is the only key that can unlock opportunities”. Continuing his speech, he quoted the former first lady of the United States of America, Mitchell Obama saying “Kindergarten is not only a school to come and sing for the rest of the day, but a place of learning”. It’s a place you build the educational foundation of the child, as the structure of a building is based on the foundation”.

According to him, Children who go through the SOS Children’s Villages Kindergarten system are given quality education compared to those in other schools. These children are the ones that will have to change Sierra Leone. He further advised parents to be confident of the Kindergarten education their children have received. He thanked the Principal and educators for a job well done, as it’s the best gift they’ve given to the children, as “education is the only weapon that can change the world” – Mandela.

Mr. Sankoh a proud parent, rendered a song in appreciation to the educators for a job well done. Thinking about his daughter who has greatly improved in just one week having been  was enrolled  at the SOS Kindergarten, Makeni. “Even as a child she speaks good English at home” he said.

Mrs. Ngadi Bangura, Principal of the HGIS Makeni emphasize that “SOS Children’s Villages international values quality education and gives the best to children”. She further thanked them for all their continued support.
Miss Isha Sanko, Principal of the KDG thanked everyone for coming to celebrate the success of the kids. She introduced the educators and the grandaunts and five of her best pupils, with Gladys Beatrice Fatmata Sesay topping her class.

Village Director SOS Children’s Village Makeni, Mr. Arun Conteh  congratulated the grandaunts and bid them farewell having successfully completed kindergarten education. He said “Under constant supervision you all have attained this milestone in your lives and i’m very proud of your achievement”. He advised them to keep working hard until they realize their dreams. On behalf of the SOS Children’s Villages Makeni he thanked parents and encourage them to continue to patronize  them. He encouraged parents not to relent but continue giving children the required support for a brighter future.

Several contributions were made by the Educators and the Children. The Educators rendered a song titled “Rejoice”. The grandaunts presented two plays, an acoustic and various rhymes. To climax the graduation ceremony presentation of certificates was done and outstanding children received special gifts.

At SOS Children’s Village Freetown one hundred and twenty-six (126) grandaunts, educators, pupils and well-wishers also drew the attention of many passerby, as they marched from the SOS Children’s Villages Freetown to the Hermann Gmeiner International School Hall, Freetown.

Mrs Eliza Campbell, Principal Kindergarten Freetown welcomed everyone especially parents who have been a strong pillar of support to the foundation of the Kindergarten programme. She gave a brief run-down of the total number of pupils in the school and elaborated on the achievements of the Kindergarten. She further recognized and appreciated all partners of the school.

Guest speaker Mrs Agatha F. Vandy, applauded the Principal and administrative staffs for doing a great job. She stated “it’s a very important day in the lives of both parents’ and children as it marks the end of Kindergarten stage in the lives of the children. It’s a bold step of parents for sending their children to kindergarten. Kindergarten education is very important as children who attend kindergartens perform extraordinarily well and are fast learners”.

Several acoustics, plays, rhymes were presented by the grandaunts and other pupils, alongside the Sierra Leone cultural dance trope who entertained the guests.
Certificates were later presented to the class of 2017 grandaunts and special gifts were presented to the first thirty (30) outstanding graduates.


Suffiatu Moigboi


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