Everything you need to know about SOS Sierra Leone.


What is the meaning of SOS?

The acronym SOS was obtained from a German word ‘Societal Socialise’ and the meaning is ‘A just society where every child has equal opportunity’

When and how was SOS Children’s Villages founded?

SOS Children’s Villages was founded by Hermann Gmeiner in 1949 to provide long-term support to children who had lost their homes or families in the Second World War by offering them a new family environment.

As one of the oldest NAs in West and Central Africa, since October, 1974 SOS Sierra Leone operates family-based care, family strengthening and youth programs, as well as primary and secondary schools and a home for physically challenged children. In this briefing package, more detailed information on SOS programs is included as well as some information on the challenges and successes SOS Sierra Leone has experienced related to the Ebola epidemic and some on-going challenges in the quality of care and child protection.

There are three SOS Children’s Villages in Sierra Leone in Freetown, Bo and Makeni.  Hereinafter the locations of our SOS programmes are listed and in blue are highlighted those to be visited by the President and the IDR:

Freetown- Location: National Office, SOS Children’s Village Freetown ,Home for the Physically Challenged, School/KDG Freetown Lumly beach road Herman Gmeiner Avenue – Youth home Malama.

Makeni- Location: SOS Children’s Village Makeni, School/KDG Makeni, Makema Village

BO- Location: SOS Children’s Village Bo, SOS Youth Home, SOS School/KDG, SOS Youth Home Towama Village

Based on the latest "SOS Children's Villages Programme Policy" document, how would you define SOS Children’s Villages as an organisation?

SOS Children’s Villages is a service provider. Its main aim is to offer the possibility of creating a family environment to care for children across the world living in difficult circumstances.